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Logic Trap 1.1

Logic Trap is an engaging adventure game with Sokoban elements
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Do you have two minutes to read about one of the most exciting arcade games currently available for download on the Internet? Then let me start.
Many folks like puzzles, but the problem with those is that sometimes thinking too much wears people out. That's why most of us like "think less or don't think at all" action and adventure games. But the problem with them is that they are somewhat monotonous and get old too fast. So, many game developers tried to combine both genres. And most of them failed. But now and then a few lucky exceptions pop up on the horizon, like Logic Trap, that get the best of the two worlds.
These lucky crosses of logic and adventure games are exciting, thrilling, challenging and extremely addictive. So you if have what it takes (quick thinking and good reflexes) Logic Trap is your kind of game.

Logic Trap is an adventure game with Sokoban elements. Sokoban was a huge hit among gamers in the late 1980's, but even most avid game fans agree that it lacked an adventure component that would make the game that much more interesting and worth playing. Well, we've fixed the problem.
Logic Trap is a game of skill, swift thinking and dexterity. It is served with carefully crafted levels, tough opponents, puzzling challenges, cool game objects and adrenaline overload on the side.

Are you smart and fast? Then Logic Trap is well worth your time. You have to be quick to avoid flying cannon balls and evil spiders, while smart enough to calculate each of your movements. Like any sequential movement puzzle, one wrong move can ruin the entire game. Are you up to the challenge?
Are you good at setting up bombs? Logic Trap is now available for free download to general public. Quick, get in the line and get your copy before somebody else does!

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